Fundamental Mindset Processes




TEN Processes to Take Control Of & Change Your State of Mind.

1. Change your entire day’s experience in the morning by a certain key phrase..
2. Focus your mind and motivate yourself to do any task, even mundane tasks
3. Intervene on stuck or frozen emotions
4. Become independent of the praise of others
5. Clarify how you’re talking yourself into and out of situations, into and out of emotions, and become aware of your self talk overall
6. Give your mind momentum in the positive emotional direction
7. Emotionally MOVE yourself
8. Become grateful for things you have yet to acknowledge in your life
9. Slip into sleep with two nighttime processes
10. Discern cause and effect in your life

• Lifetime access to google drive videos •
• 5 page written document of all the processes given •
• 10 downloadable videos •

Total run time 65 minutes

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