Nerve & Muscle Restore Topics

The Heart Bandha | Shoulder, Chest, and Neck Restore | Shoulder Mechanics

This is a deep and gentle somatic practice where you will specifically open your shoulders and your chest and then balance your rotator cuff (shoulder socket) muscles. You will breathe easier after this seminar and this seminar is safe for all levels and for most injuries (ask if you’re not sure). Essential for all yoga teachers and anyone who puts a lot of weight on their hands such as in downward dog pose and arm balancing or inversions. You will relieve your neck pressure and fix tech-neck and computer posture of your upper body. You will soften chronically tense muscles of the upper back and shoulders and decompress your neck and upper spine. Strengthen the root muscles of putting weight on your hands. This course is imagination rich with lots of anatomy. Max 18. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs.

The Sacred Psoas | Hip, Spine, and Pelvis Restore | Hip & Back Mechanics

Take the mystery out psoas muscle and free up some space in your lower body. Almost all people have pelvis imbalance from driving, cycling, running, and sitting for 1/3rd  (or more) of their life. In this class you will balance your pelvis, hips, and lower torso through small, isolated movements. This class is well suited for those with injuries, back fusions, or hip replacements but also this class is A MUST for yoga teachers and anyone who is looking to create more space in their lower body for deeper awareness and wellness. You will transform how you stretch your hips, back, and pelvis such as the following: (1) stabilize your pelvis while you rotate your thigh bone; (2) pain-free back bending! (3) soften your hips and thighs and decrease hip inflammation. Take home tools for sciatica and SI (pelvis) joint relief. All levels are encouraged to attend. Anatomy rich. Max 18. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs.


Anatomy for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Includes 15 isolated muscle activations and 2 isolated stretches for the key muscles of movement and breathing. I generalize them into two groups, the Heart Bandha and the Sacred Psoas (see above).

Why do muscle therapeutics?

Every movement becomes meditation. Balance muscle tension around your shoulder blade and your shoulder socket, your lower back and pelvis, and your hip joint.

To isolate a muscle in your mind you will require a precise mental connection and true attention to detail. Hence, this practice will hone your mind for breathing, posture, and movement.

How are muscle isolations experienced?

A soft practice, mainly on the ground. I use pictures and exact language to help you locate and wake up dormant muscles in your body and relax the opposing, gripping ones. Your muscles will then soften and coordinate. This is a kind of yoga practice call “samyama” but can also be a simple a practical physical method that will also tremendously relax your mind and nervous system, stabilize your joints, and balance your joints from the inside out.

For YTT in 10 hours each student will be able to isolate (and in several cases, to co-activate) and understand within themselves each of the following muscles.

  • Serratus anterior
  • Teres minor
  • Pectoralis minor (stretch)
  • Posterior deltoid
  • Infraspinatus
  • Subscapularis***advanced
  • Rhomboids
  • Lattisumus dorsi
  • Scalenes (stretch)
  • Transversus abdominis
  • Lower rectus abdominis***
  • Psoas major
  • Illiacus
  • Glute medius/minimus
  • Glute maximus
  • Deep lateral hip rotators***
  • Quadratus lumborum

Stop your mind activity through activating the picture of a muscle within your own sensory body. Your mind will be more clear and obvious after this physical practice.

YTT course comes with 22 page manual with correct muscle attachments (unlike some books) and cues for these exercises ***not found elsewhere***


*** of special interest to some, you may request training in how to form the following muscular bandhas (co-activating muscles across a joint)

  • Hip Bandha
  • Groin Bandha
  • Shoulder Bandha
  • Armpit Bandha


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