Male vs Female

A man doesn’t relaxes desire for her fidelity because she takes birth control, demonstrating evolved sexual psychology. Men elevate their sperm count when their wives have the opportunity to be unfaithful. Girls with divorced parents become more promiscuous. Girls with absent fathers attain menarche (onset of menstruation) sooner. People tailor their attraction techniques to the […]

If I Had One Sperm

Time apart men find their partners more attractive. Jealousy’s contextually are linked to infidelity, eg. dissatisfaction or gap in mate value. Older women fear robbery more than rape. Rape circumvents female choice. Off the pill women decrease risk during ovulation such as being on the street at night, drinking, not being alone, and avoiding men. […]

How to Raise Your Standards

Exposure to beauty uncommits men. Self confidence signals status and resource. Cosmetics exploits desires it doesn’t create them. Beauty gets women more of what they want. Today’s women are the winners of the million year beauty contest. Submissiveness is approached more because it signals sexual accessibility. Cuckholded men are universal objects of derision (weakness & […]

Sex for Love

From Evolution of Desire. Men give love to get sex. Women give sex to get love. Improving appearance is twice as effective for women at keeping their mate. Men over women are attracted to her touching her chest or pelvis to him, puckured lips, blowing kisses, sucking a straw or finger, or bending over to […]

Rivals Lurk as Friends

Men are 2x as sexually attracted to opposite sex friends with ZERO difference between single vs. men in committed relationships. He always wants to have sex with women he finds attractive. Desirable partners are always outnumbered by those that desire them. Women can have one child per year even even with 12 partners. Ovulating women […]

How Men Interpret Friendliness From Females

Men misinterpret friendliness and smiling as some level of sexual interest, even though women disagree. Men evolved lower thresholds for inferring interest because some led to sex. Women withhold sex to bump his investment. But what happens when he doesn’t need it?.. Women prefer sexual infidelity from men whereas men prefer resource infidelity from women. […]

Human Sex Differences

Men make 12 million sperm / hour. Women have 400 ova per lifetime. Women are a limited resource. Males are promiscuous because females selected for that trait. In no place globally do women value chastity more than men. Men selected for youth and health. Women selected for status so men pursue status. The investment risk […]

Dating Advice for Women

You have problems and you need a man to help you solve them. Women are critical of science because they don’t know it. Not the science of dating. Make up is not for you it’s for who you want to impress. Your luxe, your interest, your ability to communicate, your investment is what a man […]

Sexual Psychology

Like telling men not to experience sugar, like food are our mating preferences. Mating isn’t random. Attraction is discriminate. Derogation isn’t out of boredom. What became our ancestors. Around less prospects women are less needy to be in love.      Status and resources differ. For exclusive content and podcast announcements join our Facebook group https://bit.ly/EnlightenedMasculinityGroup For more on our podcasts […]