Healthy Hand Balance Seminar Topics

Talk Yourself Into A Handstand

Catch your handstands without the struggle! This class will cover the exact body mechanics needed for a straight, vertical handstand as well as the mindset of confidence and how to create the affinity within you towards your handstands practice. You’ll learn tiny progressions for mobility, strength, and stability in your wrists, shoulders, and low back. Then you will use a progression of balances specifically designed to get closer than ever to your perfect center-of-the-room straight line handstand. Proper warm up and cool down to relax your system before you leave. Upper back, neck, and wrist therapy is emphasized. The strength requirements for this class are that you can hold a down dog pose for 15-20 breaths. All levels welcomed. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs.

Safe and Healthy Hand Balancing

Have you been working on your hand balance for some time? In this seminar you will expand your limits and catch your balance without the struggle! This is a light vinyasa class with many progressions for safe, low-to-the-ground hand balances such as the peacock pose and the figure eight pose. I will share many variations never seen by most yogis and you will leave with more awareness and practical advice to build self-confidence around your hand balance practice. I emphasize simple techniques to restore your wrists, shoulders, and neck. Participants should be able to hold downward dog position for at least 15 slow, long breaths. Otherwise all levels are welcomed. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs. Some yoga experience is suggested. Every level will level up.


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