Emotion Hacking & Self-Talk Seminar Topics

Pranayama Physiology

Self-Talk & Hacking the Human Body

Refresh your body and brain without moving much. Open and close your vascular system and flush your circulation while you sit still. Learn to feel your circulation move around in your body. “Ground” your awareness in your physical body and start to calm down the mental activities that accompany your day. Then you will learn to distinguish the sensations of under-breathing (rest-digest) from those of over-breathing (fight-flight). You will isolate your breathing nerve, the vagus nerve, and learn to talk with your body sensations (internal dialogue) in ways that will change your emotions and body-experience. Get the western science of WHY BREATHING WORKS! And deepen or develop your home breathing practice. Printout provided. All levels, ages, and experience levels are encouraged to attend. CE hours for RYTs.

Heart Connection *special focus

How do you start a home breathing or meditation practice? Busy mind? Where do you start? This seminar covers how to get great results at home, on your own time and space, in 5 minutes per day! You will understand the physiology of why air generates prana (energy) inside you. You will take home ways to connect your awareness with your core heart energy and create well-being from it. You will experience the ultimate sound of physical yoga (called nada in Sanskrit) and this will be a very pleasant experience. You will receive a printout with the techniques we cover so you may remember those techniques which are most useful for you. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs. All levels.

Hormone Control *special focus

Develop your personal awareness of your vascular system and how it carries hormones. Talk with your endocrine glands, back and forth, listen and communicate. You will receive individual attention that will level up your inner yoga experience with balance and harmony with your centers of endocrine activity. Some yoga or energy movement system experience suggested.

7 Bandhas and Chakra Programs

  • Pranayama leads to chakra meditation. Mudra, bandha, and chakra theory and practice can accompany events to the level you desire.

What is prana? How can you clearly identify mental activity? This event covers physical and mental practices for awareness of your personal energy field and energy-consciousness. This is partly a breathing class because holding your breath, or taking long-slow breaths, is the physical pathway to inner body awareness. You will focus better than you ever have on centers of energy and information in your body, called chakra. You will learn a meditation practice to become aware of your internal dialogue and “edit” or refine your subconscious energy-body. This is a beginner workshop on an intermediate topic. A very gentle practice. Any level is welcome. All levels will grow. Printouts are given. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs.

Bandhas Videos

What you MUST know about a bandha

Khechari Mudra – the 7th bandha

Mulabandha and Muladhara Chakra

Guide to Yoga Mudra called Uddiyana Bandha

Jalandhara Bandha Mudra (Chin Lock/Throat Lock)

Ashwini Mudra, Mulabandha, and Semen Retention


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