Sculpting Masculinity Thru Body Tape Design

What is the mindset of a Body Tape Designer when he is working with naked women all the time? What is the importance of conveying disinterest? How has Don sculpted his masculinity thru his work? All this and more on today’s episode with Body Tape Designer & Salsa Dance Teacher Don (@thebodytapedon & @soulsadon).
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Show Notes:
1:28 What is the mindset of a Body Tape Designer when he is working with naked women all the time? 
4:08 What is a Body Tape design session like?
7:01 What were the early days of body taping like? 
9:28 What is the dynamic of a girl getting undressed to do a session?
13:35 What is the importance of conveying disinterest?
15:20 What is it like get a girl comfortable in front of the camera?
17:08 How does a body tape session round out?
17:54-18:54 How has Don sculpted his masculinity thru his work?  CUT
20:31 What is masculinity? 
22:26 What is the difference between masculinity & femininity? 
23:01 What makes an unwavering masculine man? 
23:41 – 24:02 CLIP TheBodyTapeDon PATREON CLIP
24:30 What is Patreon and how do social media influencers use this? 
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