Discovering Ancient Medicine with US Military Academy Hypnotherapist, Dr. John Trisuzzi

What did Ancient Egyptians mean by “temple sleep”? How does one heal a broken heart? What are the secrets of hypnotism? All this and more on today’s episode with West Point (US Military Academy), Wall Street, Olympic hypnotherapist, Dr. John Trisuzzi. 
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Show Notes:
2:19 What is the importance of a coach to a champion?
3:37 Who is God?
5:25 What does it mean to go inward with our senses?
6:11 What are “hidden hands”? 
7:45 What is between the spirit and the soul? 
9:40 What happens during a near-death experience? 
11:31 Who do we become as we get older as it compares to our younger self? 
12:00 What did Ancient Egyptians mean by “temple sleep”? 
13:15 What is the importance of balance as it relates to ease? 
14:35 What is the secret to be in love for 56 years of marriage?
15:50 How do lovers yolk each other & how do we grow through love that hurts? 
18:47 What are some strategies to dissipate anger when in relationship with others? 
19:57 How does one heal a broken heart? 
21:02 What are the secrets of hypnotism?
22:42 What are men’s true strengths & what are women’s true strengths? 
25:07 How are you introduced to a subject? 
26:30 Are men fully 100% masculine only? 
28:53 Are we able to control genetics thru communication? 
31:05 Who do you allow to influence you? 
31:59 What do you do when your heart says one thing and your mind says another? 
35:13 What is the best way to pray? 
38:48 What is the epitome of spirituality? 
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