Flavor of Language



Language patterns, syntax, grammar, and vocabulary to set your mind at ease, and point your attention where you want it to go, precisely, and in a-line-ment with your own personal ethics and feeling body (inner subtle body). Emphasis is on

  • philosophy of persuasion
  • word magick and spell-ing
  • acknowledgements
  • agreements
  • ways to engage your imaginations
  • influencing your self
  • plus more!

(1 hour 45 min)

One thought on “Flavor of Language

  1. Yogi Chris, Chris De Vilbiss’ Flavor of Language Event was dope. Lots of insights and packed with practical applications and knowledge put together from his understandings of Yoga combined with the teachings he has gathered from his mentors Arash Dibazar, Vince Kelvin, and more. Waaay underpriced. If you can’t afford to learn from the source, learn from the person closest to them.

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