Flavor of Language

Money back guarantee | 3 lectures | Run time ~ 140 min

Your old speech patterns are keeping you in old emotional patterns. This product is techniques of talking and communication to immediately see and feel effect in your life and your communication.

Lectures about persuasion, phonetics, and how self image and emotions relate with how you’re talking, both your outside talk and your inside self-talk. This will bring mindfulness to your self talk and boosting your communication with others.

Lecture 1 | Sound Code – Synesthesia of Words (crossing your senses)

  • How to use words to connect your nervous system with your endocrine system
  • The physiology of brain-blood-flow when speaking
  • How your facial expressions influence your emotions
  • Talking as the human superpower
  • Innate neural-language of humans is described; aka preverbal communication
  • How the sound and syllables of your name have coded your identity
  • What is glottaling and why the Ruling Class of England never glottalized
  • How your emotional state affects your enunciation and your vocabulary
  • How to connect your sense of sight with your sense of touch, which is synesthesia

Lecture 2 | Sound Code – How to Free Your Mind with Words

  • Feeling is a picture and an emotion held together with words
  • Emotions affect hormones and hormones affect metabolism
  • An alchemy process which will change mental tape recorder statements in your mind
  • How every time you’re having a negative feeling you’re saying something to yourself
  • How emotional state filters how you listen and hear others
  • How your communication is built upon years of gesturing
  • The definite connection between words and your nervous system – Neuro-linguistics
  • How your tension, your breathing, and your posture affect your communication
  • How to make a mindfulness practice of your enunciation, talking speed, and emphases
  • How self talk creates body tension
  • The beginnings of magic and electron momentum (e-motion) are touched upon

Lecture 3 | The Flavor of Language

  • Language patterns, syntax, grammar, and vocabulary to set your mind free
  • Point your attention where you want it to go
  • Verbal a-line-ment with your own personal ethics and feelings
  • The philosophy of persuasion
  • Word magic and spell-ing
  • Acknowledgements and agreements as communication techniques
  • Ways to engage your imagination
  • Become aware of the story in your head.
  • Ways of influencing your self

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