Sacred Psoas


Relieve sciatica, reset your SI (sacroilliac) joint, open your breath and relax your mind to prepare for seated yoga practices.

Every yoga posture will forever be “deeper” by you. The psoas muscle is a very deep abdominal muscle that connects your pelvis to your middle spine under your diaphragm. Understandably it’s very sensitive and CORE to our movement.

Tap in to your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).

Isolate, activate, lengthen, and strengthen your psoas major muscle, illiacus, the lower abdomen, and many others muscles!

Sacred Psoas is part 2 samyama practice (samyama means combined concentration + meditation + absorption). Part 1 was the Heart Seal. Both can be used independently or together as a full body sequence.

This product comes with 24/7 email support for any and all followup questions that you may have. Run time ~ 1 hr 50 min total. Upon purchase you will receive google drive access to the videos and written supplements.


Here is the official product release video, PLUS pain relief testimnony, demonstrations, and other workshop supplemental videos