Commitment vs. Loyalty

  • Ensuring paternity vs. ensuring resource commitment.
    • Men can commit and women can fuck to get what they want.
  • Women cheat for emotional reasons men cheat for sexual reasons.
    • Fulfilling her preferences providing what she initially sought in the relationship. 
    • Women hope men will change. Men hope women won’t change.
    • Men’s attraction wanes with her aging more than hers does for his.
  • Within any one year period a woman can get pregnant by only one man so her sexuality can’t be partitioned.
    • Men can sire children into their 80s.
  • Men’s value can mushroom. Women’s can’t but can with wisdom, status, and power.
    • Men derogate women’s appearance to balance the power (negs).
  • Anger, sadness, and jealousy alert to interference in one’s mating strategy.
    • People avoid threats to replication like snakes and strangers to their survival.

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