Playlist of video testimonials:

Doug Swenson ~ 67 ~ International Yoga Instructor – “Chris is one of the few who has perfected many of the yoga asana- with seemingly effortless – pose and grace. Blessings young Jedi :)”

Danielle S. ~ 28~ Veterinarian Technician – “The best thing about learning with you is that I try things I never would before, or are exposed to poses and variations I’ve never seen. Very thankful.”… “I think I forgot to tell you this. My osteopath said my body is the best functionally that he’s ever seen it, and said that whatever I’ve been doing over the last couple months…keep doing it! For the first time in a year and a half, we stretched my recheck to 6-8 weeks instead of 4. Pretty exciting stuff <3”.

Diana N. ~ 54 ~ Accountant and Yoga Studio Owner – “Not many words to say! My heart is full. Thank you for all the love, the beautiful energy and the wonderful class Chris De Vilbiss <3.”

Karen T. ~ 42 ~ Postal worker – “I have a whole new peace today, some attachments are gone, I have a direction and moving forward. Thank you Chris.”

Andrea S. ~ 25 ~ Photographer – “..I feel stronger, more confident and eager to learn more.”

Emily ~ 20 ~ Undergraduate Student – “I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing class. It was such a wonderful way to relax during this hectic time in school. The end of your class really stuck with me. Thank you for accepting me as I am. I am so grateful…”

Sam A. ~ 30 ~ Environmental Engineer – “..he flew me in high whale – after two minutes the tension was gone and everything was open and renewed. I wish I could have that kind of opst surf therapy every time!”

Sarah R. ~ 29 ~ Physical Therapist – “Yoga Sunday was amazing!! Somehow it always tends to match what I need, without talking to you for you to know what that is. Sometimes I want I want it hard and leave me energized which this one did, sometimes I am tired and want it to calm and recharge me. I am learning the magic of yoga through you.”