San Jose Temple


About The Beast Camp

3 day event on the Art of the Beast with Arash Zepar Dibazar. Wake up the beast. Realize your advantages in the world. Redefine spirituality. Illuminate your animal totem(s). Eliminate the trapped ways of thinking about relationships, money, lifestyle, nutrition, and family.
Plus sessions for beast fitness, game, mindful movement and energetic movement, boxing, and knowing your rights with cops.

About the Guest Residency

Military temple lifestyle that feeds your life. Stay at Base One for 3 days or 5 days. Calibrate the routines to make you physically and mentally strong enough to live at the Base. Learn how to integrate the philosophies into your daily living experience.

*must qualify. send questions to yogichris@9thlimb.com or IG @yogablisschris*

November Event

In Person
Nov 27-29nd


* for payment options message yogichris@9thlimb.com

Nov 27-29nd


* for payment options message yogichris@9thlimb.com


Basic Beast Routines

Wake Up Call

Cold Showers

Breakfast Routine

Beast Activation