Reality of Attraction

What is the reality of attraction? What are the basics to the science of attraction? Why must a man stay strong? All this and more on today’s episode.
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Show Notes:
2:25 What is it like to be a newly published author? 
5:18 What is the importance to talk about topics that are uncomfortable? 
7:27 What is the reality of natural attraction? 
8:53 Why do people get uncomfortable talking about their relationships? 
11:26 How vital is it for men & women to study the science of attraction? 
17:51 What are the basics to the science of attraction? 
19:41 What does it feel like to fuck up in your relationships? 
22:03 What is the art of war in the mating game? 
25:30 Make Up or No Make Up? 
28:11 Why must a man stay strong?
29:55 What is the depth of Shane’s research? 
32:30 What is the camouflage of nature? 
35:32 What is attraction & repulsion in natural forces? 
36:55 Can a man ever expect a woman to comfort him? 
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