Unbounded Love

The following is notes taken from the videos in this product. The product is even more transformational than the notes. Blessings,

Video 1 | science of stretching
reciprocal relaxation reflex
heart and diaphragm connection
control your breathing to control your heart rate
mind and breath are heads and tails of the same coin
Meditators hypo-ventilate when they achieve a state of mediation
Fitness enthusiasts hyper-ventilate
High protein diet acidifies the body
Respiratory alkalosis – hyper-ventilators seek out dietary acidosis to balance
Hypo-ventilate causes respiratory acidosis – body seeks out alkalizing diet (living plants)
Benefits of acidifying or alkalizing the body – acidic bodies get more blood flow to the brain
alkaline – healthy for body not the mind.
the more the abdomen is engaged the less the diaphragm wants to engage – affects breathing
parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system – how its triggered by breathing pattern
Posture practices changes your nervous system
memories come up during practice (impressions, deep beliefs) this is normal
you are not your sensations, because they come and go, you are not your sensations
observe yourself listening
to the degree that my inner peace benefits her inner peace she cares (my gf)
The obstacle is only an obstacle because in your mind you have a concept of “non-obstacle”

Video 2 | Yoga and breathing
Synergy style yoga warm up
Wim hof one round
Heart and third eye hand mudra
Wim hof round two
Thai Buddhist breathing meditation

Video 3 | Plot twist
What is a story? Theme. Details
You choose your story scene by scene
What other story is available? attached to the past, as if it’s more important than the future
What would I like
Recreate autopilot for empowering yourself
What if the theme was diff?
What parts of the theme are you okay with changing
100 monkey phenomenon (story and lesson from nature)
creating your own future
Worry means change the picture in the mind
changing body chemistry

Video 4 | The law of gender
Law of attraction clarifying your goal not by focusing on you, but others around you. Reciprocal variable. The effects that it creates
creates an attraction for yourself
The law of attraction about look at how other people see you after you’ve achieved your goal generates a feeling inside you to fuel your motivation. What you want minus the “yea but…”.
Ask for clarity on your goals. Your mind is a search engine processor. Set the goal to have clearer goals.

Video 5 | Inner inquiry
Pay attention to what you are paying attention to
To approach self inquiry make a form from a feeling
Feel it experience it as if it was real
Change it and continue to experience it as if it was real
Guided to a place of imagination – free of all attachment from who are you
Free enough to ask a question, for example “what is the meaning of this?” “how does this benefit me?” You delivered yourself to a place of inquiry with your imagination

Total run time ~ 95 minutes. Download available immediately upon purchase after you log in to 9thlimb.com

Om shanti, Chris