With me you will grow, learn, and draw out the most from your yoga experience. Many topics may be chosen from including anything from my shop page, YouTube, or Silent Flute program. Your goals become my goals in our sessions together. Lessons are 75 min.


for 1 person
1 lesson for $125
2 lessons for $225
3 lessons for $300
for 2-4 persons
1 lesson for $200
2 lessons for $350
3 lessons for $450

4 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Learning with Chris through our three private sessions was the best investment! I had been wanting to prioritize my yoga practice for a couple of years before meeting him. After meeting him and learning about his offers I knew without a doubt I needed to make this investment! What I consider most important that he taught me was learning how and when to breathe. Yoga is more than just the poses! This he taught me.
    Additionally, he provides recorded videos of the private session if desired for you to have a follow for many more times.

  2. Chris helped me deepen my practice by showing me how to isolate muscles that I understood conceptually but had no mind-body connection with. These subtle muscle isolations, combined with the meditation and breathing techniques that he incorporated into our lessons, have helped me to find my center more easily and stay centered for longer periods of time. Chris also helped me bring awareness to the language I use with myself, which has given me a powerful tool to begin disengaging from self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior. I’d recommend lessons with Chris to anyone, especially those whose yoga practice is begining to feel stagnant.

    1. Wow. This is incredible. I’m so happy that you found much assistance in our work together. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with others. Namaste brother. Chris