Level 4 Sadhana Yoga Chi

Level 4 sadhana yoga chi exposes the yogi to a sun salute B variation, a faster a more rigorous flow compared with level 3, deeper back bends and several inversions. This sequence takes place inside the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and is set to the relaxing music of gardening, as in gardening your own spirit and consciousness. Two videos accompany the main sequence (in addition to free youtube videos) which give the practitioner details on the headstand pose and the crow pose. Level 4 builds on the fundamentals of levels 1 – 3 and prepares the yogi for what’s to come with levels 5 ad 6. Namaste. Chris

2 thoughts on “Level 4 Sadhana Yoga Chi

  1. Love, love, love this sequence. The faster pace, along with the focus on the strengthening and stretching is exactly what my body was screaming for. My lower back went from a painful compressed feeling, to feeling elongated and relaxed. My body feels longer and lighter. I will definitely be spending more time practicing Yoga, and adding more of Chris’ video sequences to life. Thank you Chris!
    -Amanda Owens