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Tuesday @ 5PM PST

The behavior between men and women is off code. I (Chris De Vilbiss PhD) interview alumni of the prestigious AZD training programs. AZD is known for his multiple girlfriends and world elite level pickup, seduction, relationships, communication, influence, alchemy, and the language of emotions. The alumni have integrated these taboo social arts into their fields of expertise despite obstacles to their expression of masculinity. You can benefit from their stories here on The Behavior Code Podcast.

Wednesday @ 5PM PST

Topics include the basics of human mating, hypergamy, masculinity, purpose and dharma, influence, persuasion, tribal values, and the evolution of the human mind and spirit. These are our opinions. Many interviews with social media influencers and successful professionals in the areas of sexuality, MGTOW, human nature, red-pill, masculinity, pickup artists and social dynamics, spiritual growth, sexism, and new-age behavior. Includes guests on Tantra, Hypnotism, Meditation, Shamanism, and more.

Thursday @ 5PM PST

How to measure personal evolution with our communication and by how we carry ourselves. The signature of our presence on Earth will be in the effects we create. Health, business, and romance are the living practices of a spiritual person. How to liberate your destiny from the cultural matrix. 

Sunday @ 5PM PST

The science and practice of yoga, physical yoga, meditation, and their effects on the mind and body. How to carry these positive effects with you into life. The nature of yoga, breath, and meditation in real world circumstances and in communications with other people. Originally co-hosted with Arash Zepar Dibazar and hosting many guests across our 100+ episodes.