We find ourselves in movement

Breathe as you, form a deeper connection between awareness and your experience.

For a lot of people awareness is not where experience is, but the location of your experience is where your senses are.

Your mind is in the experience of your senses. Bring your awareness to your senses.

Your vision, your hearing, your taste. Breathe, and ask yourself, what am I tasting right now? What am I feeling? Maybe tension in some places, openness elsewhere.

Experience your senses, in the now.

Keep in mind, self.. is the only non-external.

Self is non-mind, therefore it is not mind, and mind is something external to it.

As self is internal, all thought is external. In-tuition is for another blog.

The mind is in the body, or is the body in the mind?

The senses may also be stimulated by memories or imagining. However as you think of it, it becomes the now. So forethought or remembrance is actually now and those senses could only be experienced in the now.

To find yourself now you must, find your senses. Breath, and ask yourself,

“what am I feeling?” .. be honest

“what am I seeing?” .. look clearly

And listen, with an open throat chakra. We must all tune into our feminine essence and listen from time to time, the yin aspect of communication.

If you, think to yourself – “where am I geographically?” “where am I cosmologically?” “where am I in my physical body?” that’s referring to yourself as an object. You’re just skimming a little bit of the experience of where .. you .. are.

You, are in your senses. Openly receive material existence.


Through regimented and ritualized stimulation, your mind can, become focused on the spaces between stimulations. This is in reference to any ritual, in particular the ritual of a regimented yoga asana practice.

As you, move in a regimented way and, stimulate yourself in a regimented way, and experience your senses in a regimented way; your mind will focus on the regimen. And then it begins to wander; not wonder, WANDER…

Sometimes the regimen is lost on the wandering .. but with practice, keep the regime and let the wanderings of the mind be-come a curiosity. Be-come an exploration – of, where is my mind going when I’m telling my body to do this regimen? … how am I in two places at once, at the regimen and at this wandering location?

.. you will, start to receive stillness. Breathe; inhale stillness, as a reference, because all of nature moves, and it is very unnatural for you not to move.

To be still is unnatural unless you are sleeping. Add to this that yogis practice holding their breath, and that is unusual in nature to say the least.

You are actually aggressing nature in hatha yoga. Hatha actually means the yoga of violence in some translations. Conflict with your instinct to move. In that resistance you, fortify your will, fortify your focus and, learn to observe nature as she moves around you.

Use your focus to, carry stillness with you through all distractions of the world. Distractions to what? Your purpose, whatever that is. That’s for another blog 🙂

Wrapping it up… Nature around you is the same as what’s going on inside you. Is it super-natural or is it just natural? That’s a perspective.. and definitely there’s a perspective somewhere in existence, where the belief is that, nothing is super-natural … and all is natural. This is to say,

All is natural in yoga. No-thing is forbidden. Every-thing is permitted.

Earn a reference for stillness with hatha yoga, and find a new perspective within the stillness. BUT, to remain in stillness conflicts with nature.

However you do it, find .. a reference.. for stillness .. and then, breathe into it now, and carry it with you .. while living.


Take it with you. Share it. Bring it everywhere! Your .. Self. Your .. stillness. Where is your awareness? Where are your senses? Bring them everywhere you go. Where your mind and awareness meet;. this is YOGA.

Namaste. Chris

Video transcription by A. Estrella

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