The top bar shows categories which provide all the material I have experience with and can offer to students and classes. I am continuously compiling, writing, and recording new material to fill this template, and improve upon what is available. 9thlimb.comĀ is always improving.

Find my bio, photos, and the ability to contact and book a session with me under The 9th Limb tab.

Next, the 8 limbs tab has my writings and videos on the components of the asthanga (8 limb) philosophy. These are the abstinences, observances, postures, energy control, internal senses, concentration, meditation, and realization.

The YouTube channel tab has videos of my acro yoga, interviews with students, teachers, and the public, and speed framed sequences which I practice. Soon I’ll add individual lesson bites to get a feel for what’s available in private or workshop lessons.

Finally the books list. Often lists offer no more than titles. I strive to give at least a paragraph to describe how each book has affected me, and my perspective on it’s utility.

Enjoy and suggestions always welcome yogiChris@9thlimb.com