Enlightened Masculinity

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Male Archetypes in Movies

The Last Samurai, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Fight Club, just some examples of movies from which we examine strong and seductive male archetypes. The multi-dimensional male model is described. Existential philosophy of playing our role here, life is a play or a movie, and we’re all acting our role. Freedom lay within this episode.

Primal Masculinity

Men don’t fall in love. Women fall in love. Genetic behavior that plays out in a plethora of human mating strategies. Why don’t men fall in love? How should men and women relate? How to fulfill a woman? The spiritual aspect of mating strategies is discussed in this episode.

Men and Womb-Men

In this episode Chris describes the core difference between men’s and women’s mating strategies. How women feign sex to solicit commitment from men. How men feign commitment to solicit sex from women. And how all of this spawns from the main problem of mating for men… ensuring his paternity. Some questions are answered as to how to seduce a woman without lying to her. This is a very short and very sweet episode.

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