Intelligent Vinyasa

Intelligent Vinyasa

Create bandha (energy seals) within key joints. Stack bones and make your posture alive, efficient, and safe. Animate your spine and pelvis. Coax your breath out of hiding and make your breath fully available. Observe your mind as you practice. Vinyasa can be super slowed down around the following posture groups:

  • Hand balancing
  • Back bending/Twists
  • Hip rotation
  • Inversions
  • Forward bending
  • Standing poses

Inner Alchemy Vinyasa | Self Image and Self Talk

Change negative self-talk and self-image into golden thinking! Alchemy comes from ancient Egypt (Kem), a science of the mind and sun worship. Brighten your inner dialogue and your self image. Nerve tensioning, precise postural language, and active movements into postures. Invigorate even the most experienced yogi. To change your self-image will reward you the rest of your life. Beginners welcome! Some yoga experience is recommended.

Vinyasa for Nervous System Awareness

Find and release the nerves of your neck, hips, belly, and chest cavity. Learn to breathe less while you move more. Make your movements more efficient to get more from each breath. Nerve tensioning, precise verbiage, and active movements into postures will invigorate every level of yoga practitioner. This is for all levels and will benefit all levels, beginner to advanced. Some yoga experience is expected.

Vinyasa for Inversions | Head and Shoulderstand

This is a vinyasa class with special movements to release your neck and shoulders before, and after inversions. You will learn progressions for shoulderstand and headstand and many practical tips to last longer in these foundational postures. Feel your blood circulate and definitely pick up new variations to this old trick. Something for all levels, guaranteed! Some yoga experience is expected.

Solving Sacroiliac Pain

Learn what your SI joint is and how to put it back into place without a chiropractor! Take home these gentle techniques and include them in your practice and teachings. How to create space in your pelvis. How to rotate your thigh bone without destabilizing your pelvis. The root causes of SI joint discomfort will be understood. How to bend backwards WITHOUT ANY PAIN! Teachers and students alike will benefit greatly from this course. Vinyasa is a flowing progression of postures which build toward peak poses and taper down to quiet relaxation. Some yoga experience is suggested for this class, but all are welcome.