Emotion Hacking & Self-Talk

Pranayama Physiology

Reconnect to Your Energetic Core

How do you start a home breathing or meditation practice? Busy mind? Where do you start? This seminar covers how to get great results at home, on your own time and space, in 5 minutes per day! You will understand the physiology of why air generates prana (energy) inside you. You will take home ways to connect your awareness with your core heart energy and create well-being from it. You will experience the ultimate sound of physical yoga (called nada in Sanskrit) and this will be a very pleasant experience. You will receive a printout with the techniques we cover so you may remember those techniques which are most useful for you. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs. All levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

pH control and Neuro-Vascular Health | Reconnecting to Your Energy Core

Breathing progressions to open and close your vascular system, hack into your nervous system, and interpret your hormone system. Feel refreshed as we push your circulation around without even moving. The western vocabulary of eastern breathing so you understand the mechanics of why this works and where it could go awry… How to grow your home practice will be given. Lots of follow-up material available, plus you get a printout of key points. All levels, age, and experience are encouraged to attend. 2 CE for RYTs.

Hormone Control | Focus and Self Talk

This is a breathing class designed to give you a life changing experience of self-talk and inner dialogue. Discern fight-flight from rest-digest. Develop your personal awareness of your vascular system and how it carries hormones. Talk with your body, back and forth, listen and communicate. You will receive individual attention that will level up your inner yoga experience. Some yoga or energy movement system experience recommended.

Pranayama leads into chakra meditation. Mudra, bandha, and chakra theory can accompany events as desired or needed.

Bandha and Chakra Programming

Bandha means to bind prana with matter. What is prana? Energy awareness and mental activity is prana. This event covers physical practices for energy awareness around your pelvic floor, lowermost belly, tongue, neck and head. Control your mind with bandha practice. Help yourself take even deeper inhales and more complete exhales. This is a beginner workshop on an advanced topic. Any level is welcome. All levels will grow.

Chakra Programs and Inner Voice

Control your mind with energy awareness. This event covers physical practices for energy awareness and mental control around your pelvic floor, lower belly, diaphragm, heart, tongue, neck and head. Techniques to take deeper inhales and complete your exhales. Exercises to become aware of your self-talk and refine your inner voice. This is a beginner workshop on an intermediate topic. Physically gentle practice. Any level is welcome. All levels will grow. Be ready to take notes.