Descriptions for Selected Popular Offerings

Anatomy for Yoga Teacher Trainings

Includes 15 isolated muscle activations and 2 isolated stretches for the key muscles of movement and breathing. I generalize them into two groups, the Heart Bandha and the Sacred Psoas (see below).

Why do muscle therapeutics?

Every movement becomes meditation. Balance muscle tension around joints. Your shoulder blade and your shoulder socket, your lower back and pelvis, and your hip joint will all be addressed. To isolate a muscle in your mind you will require a precise mental connection and true attention to detail. Hone your mind for breathing, posture, and movement with these muscle isolation techniques.

What is the experience of this content like?

A soft practice to calm your nerves, mainly on the ground. Then postures to re-pattern your muscles. I use pictures and language to help you locate and wake up dormant muscles in your body and relax the clinching ones. This is a kind of yoga practice but can also be simple a practical physical method to relax your mind, stabilize your joints, and balance your posture – but from the inside out…

In 10 hours in YTT and each student will be able to isolate (and in several cases, to co-activate) and understand within themselves each of the following muscles.

  • Serratus anterior
  • Teres minor
  • Pectoralis minor (stretch)
  • Posterior deltoid
  • Infraspinatus
  • Subscapularis
  • Rhomboids
  • Lattisumus dorsi
  • Scalenes (stretch)
  • Transversus abdominis
  • Lower rectus abdominis***difficult
  • Psoas major
  • Illiacus
  • Glute medius/minimus
  • Glute maximus
  • Deep lateral hip rotators
  • Quadratus lumborum

PLUS this is samyama practice. Stopping mind through activating the picture of a muscle within your own anatomy. The mind will be more clear and obvious after this physical practice. Yoga teacher training comes with 22 page manual.

How to form the Hip Bandha and Groin Bandha is the subject of Sacroiliac Self Adjustment seminar.

How to form the Shoulder Bandha and Armpit Bandha is the subject of Relief From Beneath Your Shoulder Blades seminar.

The Heart Bandha – Shoulder, Chest, and Neck Yoga

Breathe easier. Correct your cell phone posture and make driving much more comfortable. This is applied anatomy for gentle yoga, and it will specifically to fix most soft tissue aches and pains of your shoulders, neck, and upper back. Wake up your shoulder blades. Soften and stabilize your shoulders and chest. Relax first, then balance your posture. Will increase upper body mobility. Excellent for teachers to learn the rotator cuff and shoulder girdle muscle isolations. Shed layers of tension and strengthen the root muscles of hand balancing. This is a very gentle practice, anatomy rich, all materials provided. Max 16.

The Sacred Psoas | Hip, Spine, and Pelvis Yoga

Balance your pelvis from driving, surfing, cycling, running, and living in a chair for 1/3rd of your life… Distinguish your hip from your pelvis. Distinguish your pelvis from your lower spine. And learn to stabilize your pelvis while you rotate your thigh bone. Safer, feel good back bends than ever! Take home tools for sciatica and SI joint relief. A MUST for teachers… Participants receives handouts. Anatomy rich. Max 16.

Pranayama Physiology

Reconnect to Your Energetic Core

How do you start a home breathing or meditation practice? Busy mind? Where do you start? This seminar covers how to get great results at home, on your own time and space, in 5 minutes per day! You will understand the physiology of why air generates prana (energy) inside you. You will take home ways to connect your awareness with your core heart energy and create well-being from it. You will experience the ultimate sound of physical yoga (called nada in Sanskrit) and this will be a very pleasant experience. You will receive a printout with the techniques we cover so you may remember those techniques which are most useful for you. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs. All levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

pH control and Neuro-Vascular Health | Reconnecting to Your Energy Core

Breathing progressions to open and close your vascular system, hack into your nervous system, and interpret your hormone system. Feel refreshed as we push your circulation around without even moving. The western vocabulary of eastern breathing so you understand the mechanics of why this works and where it could go awry… How to grow your home practice will be given. Lots of follow-up material available, plus you get a printout of key points. All levels, age, and experience are encouraged to attend. 2 CE for RYTs.

Hormone Control | Focus and Self Talk

This is a breathing class designed to give you a life changing experience of self-talk and inner dialogue. Discern fight-flight from rest-digest. Develop your personal awareness of your vascular system and how it carries hormones. Talk with your body, back and forth, listen and communicate. You will receive individual attention that will level up your inner yoga experience. Some yoga or energy movement system experience recommended.

Pranayama leads into chakra meditation. Mudra, bandha, and chakra theory can accompany events as desired or needed.

Bandha and Chakra Programming

Bandha means to bind prana with matter. What is prana? Energy awareness and mental activity is prana. This event covers physical practices for energy awareness around your pelvic floor, lowermost belly, tongue, neck and head. Control your mind with bandha practice. Help yourself take even deeper inhales and more complete exhales. This is a beginner workshop on an advanced topic. Any level is welcome. All levels will grow.

Chakra Programs and Inner Voice

Control your mind with energy awareness. This event covers physical practices for energy awareness and mental control around your pelvic floor, lower belly, diaphragm, heart, tongue, neck and head. Techniques to take deeper inhales and complete your exhales. Exercises to become aware of your self-talk and refine your inner voice. This is a beginner workshop on an intermediate topic. Physically gentle practice. Any level is welcome. All levels will grow. Be ready to take notes.

Intelligent Vinyasa

Create bandha (energy seals) within key joints. Stack bones and make your posture alive, efficient, and safe. Animate your spine and pelvis. Coax your breath out of hiding and make your breath fully available. Observe your mind as you practice. Vinyasa can be super slowed down around the following posture groups:

  • Hand balancing
  • Back bending/Twists
  • Hip rotation
  • Inversions
  • Forward bending
  • Standing poses

Inner Alchemy Vinyasa | Self Image and Self Talk

Change negative self-talk and self-image into golden thinking! Alchemy comes from ancient Egypt (Kem), a science of the mind and sun worship. Brighten your inner dialogue and your self image. Nerve tensioning, precise postural language, and active movements into postures. Invigorate even the most experienced yogi. To change your self-image will reward you the rest of your life. Beginners welcome! Some yoga experience is recommended.

Vinyasa for Nervous System Awareness

Find and release the nerves of your neck, hips, belly, and chest cavity. Learn to breathe less while you move more. Make your movements more efficient to get more from each breath. Nerve tensioning, precise verbiage, and active movements into postures will invigorate every level of yoga practitioner. This is for all levels and will benefit all levels, beginner to advanced. Some yoga experience is expected.

Vinyasa for Inversions | Head and Shoulderstand

This is a vinyasa class with special movements to release your neck and shoulders before, and after inversions. You will learn progressions for shoulderstand and headstand and many practical tips to last longer in these foundational postures. Feel your blood circulate and definitely pick up new variations to this old trick. Something for all levels, guaranteed! Some yoga experience is expected.

Solving Sacroiliac Pain

Learn what your SI joint is and how to put it back into place without a chiropractor! Take home these gentle techniques and include them in your practice and teachings. How to create space in your pelvis. How to rotate your thigh bone without destabilizing your pelvis. The root causes of SI joint discomfort will be understood. How to bend backwards WITHOUT ANY PAIN! Teachers and students alike will benefit greatly from this course. Vinyasa is a flowing progression of postures which build toward peak poses and taper down to quiet relaxation. Some yoga experience is suggested for this class, but all are welcome.

Self-Talk into Hand Stand Progressions

Catch your handstands without the struggle. Safe shoulders, strong mindset, and stable wrists! Come for micro-progressions in mobility, strength, and balance. Leave with more awareness of self. Expand your limits with a proper warm up and cool down to relax your system before you go. Upper back, neck, and wrist therapy is emphasized. Participants should be able to hold a very still downward dog position for 10 breaths. Otherwise all levels welcomed.

Safe and Healthy Hand Balancing

Have you been working on your balances for some time? Looking to make the connection with your body? In this seminar you will expand your limits with proper technique and actual tools to build a self-confident mindset around vinyasa yoga practice. This is a light vinyasa class with many progressions for safe, low-to-the-ground hand balances such as the peacock pose and the figure eight pose. I will share many variations never seen by most yogis… Take home practical tips to preserve your wrists and build wrist strength! You will learn simple techniques to restore your wrists, shoulders, and neck. Catch your balance without the struggle! Leave with more awareness… Participants will receive a printout with techniques covered. Participants should be able to hold downward dog position for at least 10 breaths. Otherwise all levels are welcomed. Registered yoga teachers may earn 2 CEs. Some yoga experience is suggested. Something for all levels, guaranteed!

Vinyasa into Handstands

It’s fun to catch your handstands without the struggle! Intro to building confidence with safe wrists and shoulders and a strong mindset! A fresh look at classical postures with progressions for mobility, strength, and balance. Leave with more awareness… Expand your limits with a proper technique and relax your system before you take your hand balances with you! Participants should be able to hold a stable downward dog position for at least 10 breaths. Otherwise all levels are welcomed. *teachers are especially encouraged to attend*