Here is a selection of the most popular topics for workshops

Stabilize the Shoulders, Hips and Spine

Engage the key muscles of very important joints in the physical body, the shoulders, hips, and spine. Each can be a ‘play’shop in itself. Iterations is key. Short term relief and strength is very common but to have a long term muscle pattern change requires continued practice. Many muscle activation videos are made available on the 9th limb YouTube. This kind of event uses pictures and precise queues to help those who come to locate and return life to dormant posture and breathing muscles. Their practice  will never be the same. 2-3 hr events are typical depending on preference.

Acro Yoga Massage

Communication and listening are fundamental to this partner acrobatic feel good event. Partners are usually not required and in class we play in groups of 3 or 4 to ensure safety and comfort. Many other themes can come in such as group breathing, partner chakra opening, stretching, Thai body work, etc. Events are usually between 1.5 hr and 2 x 3 hr events. For the more acro heavy event how to effectively enter and exit healing acro postures and spotting are the center points.

Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, and Chakra

Pranayama is inhale + exhale + retention. This is pranayama. Prana – ayama, to regulate the winds inside us, is a deep subject with near infinite patterns and rhythms. I mainly teach the ashtanga primary series pranayama, which is a controlled kind of breathing. Events usually focus on one or two pranayama with focus on how to learn to grow one’s capacity and depth of experience. Prana spins our chakra, the wheels which churn our identities. Pranayama also makes use of bandha and mudra. Bandha are physically local to chakra and help to contain and focus our thought-energy. Mudra practice can bring about incredible perception of prana and the chakra. So all three, pranayama, bandha, and mudra can be given and events have varied greatly. 1-2 hr per day. Weekend events are useful for these kinds of instruction.

Posture Clinic

Posture is a geometric experience of our body. Posture clinic events teach anatomy datum in our body and breath movement systems. We want to be able to queue ourselves a state of mind of profound repose, where the body can stop, and the breath can be made fully available. Events range from hand balancing, handstands, back bending, hip rotation, inversions, forward bending, and balance poses. Typically posture clinic includes some kind of movement with is meant for therapy and also strength building. Good practice only adds to tomorrow’s practice. Events are 2 – 3 hr.

Guest Vinyasa Yoga Class

The simplest classic, a vinyasa class brings together breath, bandha, posture, movement, focus, and philosophy. Vinyasa yoga is meant to teach us hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is meant to teach us yoga. Once we learn yoga we are meant to not longer remember we know yoga. These are the stages of learning. Themes depend on preference, but often resemble posture clinic themes. Classes are 1 – 2 hr.