Hello and welcome to the 9th limb

The 9th limb of yoga is a concept that was presented to me by my first teacher Doug Swenson (sadhanayogachi.com). It was really a joke, but to ‘get’ the joke you must first understand that there is a philosophy within the broader yoga practice that is called ashtanga, or the 8-limbed yoga. Thus, he asked me, “what would the 9th limb of yoga be?” The asnwer – to put in to action the first 8 limbs!

The 8 limbs are described elsewhere on this page, but essentially I took from his pun the need to deeply understand, share, and communicate this ancient system. He didn’t ask me to do it personally, but I took on the role as it felt like a fitted glove to my mind.

“Only when you try sugar will you know something of its sweetness” – Yoga Mala, P. Jois

After wrestling at OU for years I sought yoga to correct my posture and ease my troubled graduate student mind. Through yoga practices I developed a deeper appreciation for my thoughts, my emotions, and my perceptions. I began to teach in 2014 at while completing my PhD at University of Florida. My PhD prepared me well for how to approach and study the intellectual side of yoga.

Yoga practice is a portfolio of techniques, physical, mental, devotional, philosophical, and so on, to re-connect us with the source of our minds. Through mastery of these tools we are able to pull ourselves from mental struggles and come to a place of Gratitude, Contentment, and Love for our subjective experiences. All the tools I share are from my personal practice and experience.

My goals are to integrate the worlds of social communication with deep inner awareness and spiritual practice. Yoga is not owned by anyone but that does not mean we don’t need to invest our time and energy into collecting right knowledge and perceptions. It is a hard-earned path toward liberation from limitations, and there are many illusions hidden both in the body and in the mind. My aim is to clarify, distinctly, truth from non-truth in all aspects of life. I use the science of yoga to accomplish my aims.

I accept you as you are, namaste,

Chris De Vilbiss, PhD

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that massage was one of the very best I’ve ever had. You hit my points of tension which felt great. Very relaxing and calming. I look forward to many more! Thanks Chris.

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